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Weihong's multi saw mark on the the Belt and Road

Date:2023-02-25 11:23:00 Mood:36

The "the Belt and Road" initiative proposed by China has injected new positive energy and impetus into regional economic integration and economic globalization with the Chinese program. As an international enterprise that went abroad earlier in China, Weihong Machinery found the right fit and left its mark on the "the Belt and Road" under the guidance of the concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing.

Countries along the "the Belt and Road" have different resource endowments, strong economic complementarities, and great potential and space for cooperation. Weihong has made precise plans to set up 8 overseas offices and 7 accessory service bases in countries along the "the Belt and Road", realize international R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and service layout, and constantly upgrade from host products to complete sets of equipment to "core manufacturing+comprehensive service providers", Accelerating the improvement of China's international discourse on standards, our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions along the route, achieving policy communication, facility connectivity, smooth trade, financial integration, and popular support with multiple parties.

One by one high-quality equipment, one by one model project, and one by one, groups of lovely Weihong people have set up the gold lettered signboard of Weihong manufacturing, Weihong creation, Weihong quality, and Weihong brand in countries along the "the Belt and Road".

By building Dianfan Weihong woodworking machinery with strength and integrating emotions into local life, Weihong has established a deep friendship with the on-site personnel of the project. The on-site team of Weihong Multi blade Saw always considers customers and strives for excellence, which has moved the construction personnel and customers. Cultural integration and people-to-people communication, Weihong Duopian Saw continuously inherits and promotes the spirit of friendly cooperation on the Silk Road in foreign countries, and explores management methods for mutual integration.

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