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Weihong Machinery Holds Quality Conference for the First Half of the Year

Date:2023-02-25 11:24:12 Mood:50

Recently, Weihong Multi blade Saw held a quality conference for the first half of 2019. The conference summarized the completion of the company's quality goals for the first half of the year and deployed quality work for the second half of 2018. Functional department management cadres and employee representatives from R&D, quality, manufacturing, marketing and other departments attended the conference.

Since 2019, Weihong's multi blade saw and multi blade saw equipment has achieved significant growth, which is inseparable from the important support of product quality. The Chinese multi blade saw equipment market has entered the era of quality, and product quality determines a company's market position and social value. All cadres and employees of avant-garde multi blade saws need to further enhance their understanding of the importance of product quality, adhere to the "quality first" product development strategy, pursue and advocate quality, in order to create a multi blade saw equipment quality first enterprise.

2019 is the quality year of Weihong Multi blade Saw. The company has designed overall quality goals, departmental quality goals, key tasks, and main directions, and proposed multiple action measures such as "creating efficiency and becoming a craftsman" to promote the implementation of the annual quality goals. In the first quarter of 2018, various departments made a lot of improvement work around improving product competitiveness, achieving the expected goals and corresponding results, and the overall product quality level of the company has taken another step.

The meeting pointed out that in order to produce "good products", Weihong Duopian Saw must adhere to the "ability theory and methodology". If quality capabilities are not built and specific methods to solve quality problems cannot be found, emphasizing quality is just a slogan, and quality improvement is just empty talk. Therefore, Weihong needs to improve quality target management and quality control system. Each department should grasp the difficulties and key points that affect product quality, and use their abilities and methods to break through and solve them.

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