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Production process of core strips

Round wood multi blade saw==>Square wood multi blade saw, edge cleaning saw==>Cross cutting saw==>Core bar

(1) Core strip thickness: The thickness of the wood core board plus the machining allowance for planing the board surface during the manufacturing of the wood core board.

(2) Core strip width: The width of the core board is generally 1.5 times the thickness, and it is best not to exceed 2 times. For some high-quality blockboard, the width of the core strip cannot exceed 20mm. The wider the core strip, the greater the deformation of the core strip when the moisture content changes.

(3) Core length: The longer the core, the higher the longitudinal bending strength of the blockboard. However, the longer the core, the lower the wood utilization rate.

(4) Material of the core strip: The core strip is not allowed to have resin leakage, decay, or crawling.

(5) Processing of core board: Use a core strip adhesive splicing machine.

After the wood core board is glued together, the surface of the board is rough and uneven, and it is usually processed by pressing and planing. Machine spliced wood core boards with high core strip processing accuracy can be sanded instead of planing.

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