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What kind of multi blade saw is more profitable for processing fir blockboard finger boards with multi blade saws?

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Since 2018, the price of Chinese fir has skyrocketed, with prices ranging from 700 to 800 yuan for 3cm-6cm, 800 to 950 yuan for 8-12cm, 1050 to 1160 yuan for 12-14cm, and over 1100 yuan for 14cm (with significant price differences in different regions). Many wood factories are considering not making fir finger boards, for the simple reason that the price of fir is high and the price of semi-finished products is low. In addition, if the band saw labor price is high and not calculated properly, the wood produced may lose money.

As a new wood processing equipment, the multi blade saw has the advantages of fast processing speed and no skilled workers, and has been recognized by many wood users. However, multi blade saws also have the drawbacks of high requirements for sawn material size and large sawing paths. So when choosing a multi blade saw, it is necessary to determine according to your own board specifications.

When using a multi blade saw to process Chinese fir, it is important to calculate the diameter of the wood, as the saw path for different specifications of multi blade saws is also different. Here, the editor recommends the following two methods for processing Chinese fir for Mu You:

1、 For cedar wood with a thickness of more than 20 centimeters, it is necessary to choose a horizontal round wood multi blade saw and take a 6-8 centimeter square material from the middle (depending on the price of the finger board), while all other edge boards are taken from boards of 1.2CM, 1.25CM, etc. (depending on the thickness of the processed board core). The extracted square material is sawn into finished material using multiple pieces of square wood, and the edge board is cut off with a clean edge saw to produce the finished material. Those that need to be spliced only need to go through a sanding machine to become finished board materials. This plan avoids areas with high losses in the middle of the round wood when sawing multiple pieces of round wood, and uses a small saw path with multiple pieces of square wood to cut. The wood yield rate of this plan is between 65% -70%.

2、 For Chinese fir trees below 20 centimeters, choose a vertical small round wood multi blade saw to cut all the pieces (the yield of the same specification of the vertical round wood multi blade saw is higher than that of the horizontal round wood multi blade saw). Then use a cleaning saw to cut the finished material. This plan has a wood yield of over 70%.

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