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Why are there differences in prices for multiple saws of the same model?

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      The price of Weihong multi blade saw varies greatly due to different configurations, different discharge methods (manual/automatic), and different discharge heights, resulting in different prices for the same model of multi blade saw.

      Heavy multi blade saws have high work efficiency and save labor, while light multi blade saws are economical and cost-effective. They are chosen based on the principle of meeting their own needs. Choose a suitable multi blade saw model based on differences in raw materials, discharge specifications, height, and width.

      For more than 10 years, Weihong Duopian Saw has always been based on integrity and reputation. From small to large, we still adhere to the simple and pure business negotiation, bravely breaking industry restrictions, and making the low price public for your reference.

      The prices of multi blade saws from different manufacturers also vary, and Weihong multi blade saws are renowned for their excellent cost-effectiveness in the field of multi blade sawing machines. The price of multi blade saws is closely related to the quality of multi blade saws. This is a discount that Weihong Multi blade Saws can offer while ensuring                 equipment quality. We will never do anything that damages our reputation due to price reduction due to simple configuration! It's good to buy at a very low price and a very good price! Believe in Weihong's strength and your choice, Weihong will accompany you on the road to wealth with excellent equipment!

      Fujian Weihong strictly controls the quality of multi blade saw equipment, aiming to produce high-quality and excellent multi blade saw equipment, providing you with a better process experience during use and helping you accumulate wealth on the way!

Q&A on multi blade saw machinery

Q: What is the quality of the boards produced by multi blade saws?

Answer: Due to the use of alloy saw blades as the cutting method for multi blade saws, the surface of the produced boards is smooth. Many large furniture and board processing factories purchase the boards processed by multi blade saws.


Q: What preparations should be made for the operation of a multi blade saw?

Answer: The following basic requirements should be met:

1、 This equipment needs to be operated and maintained by trained personnel. Otherwise, there may be a risk of human-machine injury.

2、 Before starting the machine, it is necessary to confirm that the saw blade and other components are fastened, and all safety protection devices are in place. To prevent the workpiece from rebounding, it is strictly prohibited to stand in front of the feeding and discharging ports.

3、 When the machine is cutting and processing, do not manually lift the bulletproof device, otherwise the workpiece may be released and may cause human-machine injury.

4、 If there is a jamming phenomenon during cutting, the power should be immediately turned off. After the machine is completely stopped, the bulletproof device should be lifted, and the return button should be pressed to exit the wood.

5、 The saw blade should be trimmed every eight hours of operation to extend its service life.

6、 Before replacing the saw blade, the power must be turned off, the navigation board must be removed, and the saw blade and navigation blade outside the feeding frame must be taken out. Then move the host back and remove the saw blade and navigation blade from the feeding frame.

7、 When installing the saw blade, it should be absolutely ensured that there is no debris between the saw blade and the cushion sleeve, and the contact surface between the cushion sleeve and the saw blade should not be damaged, otherwise it may cause the sawn board to be uneven and burn the saw blade.

8、 Adjust the power transmission belt in a timely manner to ensure normal power transmission.

9、 After completing the work, the power should be cut off, debris inside the machine should be removed, and the equipment should be kept clean. Regularly add lubricants to ensure the normal operation of the lubrication transmission system.

10、 Regularly check the bulletproof device, and if the bulletproof pieces are loose, they should be encrypted or replaced in a timely manner.


Q: Where is there one that sells second-hand multi blade saws? Do you have any

Answer: For second-hand equipment, some small-scale manufacturers also provide second-hand equipment, and it is not recommended for customers to use second-hand multi blade saw equipment.


Q: What is the reason for the burning of multiple saw blades?

Answer: 1. Improper overall design of the multi blade saw is the main reason, such as the box not perpendicular to the beam, uneven feeding of the upper and lower saw blades, uneven feeding speed, unstable material jamming, and easy swing of the wood.

2. The overall performance of the saw blade is unstable and the quality is unqualified. Including: the material of the saw blade steel blade and alloy head is poor, easy to deform, and unfavorable for cutting pins; The ratio between the saw blade and the steel plate is incorrect, etc.

3. The model of the saw blade is incorrect. Different wood materials require different saw blades. The wood material has long fibers and good toughness. For example, for poplar wood, a saw blade with fewer teeth, deep chip removal holes, and a large proportion of saw blade to steel blade should be selected; The wood material has short fibers and brittle toughness, such as the shape of cedar wood. Therefore, a saw blade with more teeth, shallower chip removal holes, and a smaller proportion of saw blade to steel blade should be selected. Overall, it depends on the material of the wood.

4. Pay attention to the amount of cooling water to ensure it is not blocked.

5. Due to the operational reasons of the employees, combined with the feeding speed, the material should be placed reasonably to achieve slow feeding of large-diameter, hardwood materials.

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