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Why is the price difference so large in the multi blade saw price list?

Date:2023-02-27 08:51:59 Mood:40

     Each set of multi blade saw equipment is customized according to the actual needs of users. The multi blade saw shall meet the needs of the wood processing plant, and unnecessary functions and decorations can be abandoned. As long as it can meet the requirements of Party A, it can produce wood quality that meets the needs. And multi blade saws need to be able to produce common and multiple label multi blade saws (as well as individual users with special needs), and also require equipment appearance to give people a feeling that the multi blade saw has strength. Some users also need to saw several more boards at once, and also need to increase the size of the motor, electric control box, and main shaft. Moreover, different manufacturers have different processing techniques, materials and technologies, and the quality of the multi blade saws produced varies greatly, so the prices naturally vary greatly.

     Even for multi blade saws of the same model, due to different customer requirements and configurations, the price range for multi blade saws can only be one price range. After fully communicating with users' actual needs, accurate prices for multi blade saw equipment can be calculated.

     Weihong Woodworking Machinery's multi blade saw equipment places equal importance on quality and integrity. Instead of simply listing low prices to attract everyone's attention, it honestly lists the price ranges of different configurations. For more than 30 years, Weihong has always believed that the power of reputation is infinite, and reputation and quality are the foundation of a manufacturer. We must establish a century old foundation and make friends from all walks of life. We have an obligation to build a fair and honest communication platform, We are well aware that every detail of the manufacturer is a part of your inspection content. We have been exploring with simple innocence, and the company has always insisted that transactions are only the beginning of service. Weihong will always accompany you throughout the entire process of using your equipment.

     A candid approach can lead to a transaction with one customer; A trust can repay thousands of wealth! We sincerely look forward to your calling for consultation and factory inspection.

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